The Black Void

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Anders Røkkum

Peace in pain
Torment in solitude.

Sad isn’t it?
We become so used to pain,
so accustomed to disappointment that
A life without being let down isn’t a life worth living.

We fall into the trap of the same old broken connections,
We distrust ourselves enough to not trust ourselves enough to be alone.
The black void of the soul
Plaguing the mind and heart,
spreading throughout our bodies like
the cancer of an untrustworthy partner.

So broken that anything resembling glue,
resembling reassembling ourselves translates to
an ancient foreign myth
told to scare people
by teaching them about the phenomenon that is
and self-preservation.

scary isn’t it ?

our lack of self-awareness.
our ability to settle for subpar
“It’s better to settle than to
fight for what we deserve”


Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


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  1. yuhublogger says:

    Awesome!!! “so accustomed to disappointment that, A life without being let down isn’t a life worth living.” Such a brilliant line.

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    1. Thank you! It’s true through, we live in a world were many expect pain because of their lack of self love. We need to change that, we need to learn to put ourselves first and love ourselves.

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      1. yuhublogger says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I should remember this!

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  2. Very nice. I liked the word play and the line “resembling reassembling!” 🙂

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  3. It is a pity we have become so accustomed to being hurt that we become used to it. Truly terrifying.

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    1. I agree, great pity what it has all become. Many unaware and falsely content with the dull feeling of pain, most aware and choose to do nothing about it. Not only terrifying, but also interesting. Why settle for pain when you could love happily?”comfort” only lasts so long…

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      1. Indeed. Perhaps we cling to that which makes us bleed because we would rather have pain in the familiar than peace in the unknown.

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      2. But comfort in pain doesn’t last forever, soon enough the blinding glasses binding you to the pain cracks and you’re left in a pit of black alone. I don’t know I understand why many stay, I get that it’s “safe” but while you might find peace in this familiar you’re also losing yourself..

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  4. lwbut says:

    Hi and thanks for the like. 🙂
    “It’s better to settle than to
    fight for what we deserve”…
    not better – easier.
    The strong fight for what they want/’deserve’, the rest of us settle for what we can get of whatever’s left. Some of us try for a while to be strong but become tired too soon. For some life is a fight they just don’t have the energy to fight right now.
    Life, by Nature, is competitive and not all participants can ‘win’.

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