Sometimes lost, but always found


Yea, I’ve lost myself before,
many times actually
and yea I’ve also found myself again.

Where do you ask?

I found myself in Nature.


Gabriela A Tejada

**All Images were taken by me**

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


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  1. So green! Don’t see much of that around here. That last photo! – looks like a spider web. I wouldn’t want to get caught in that one!

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    1. I took these pictures at the very start of autumn, right before all the leaves begun to turn. I almost ran into that spider web, glad I didn’t because its BEAUTIFUL ( but slightly terrifying)!! Where is “Around here”?

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  2. I despise spiders but am in awe of their webs! Great shot! And, I love your dog:))

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    1. Thank you. Spiders scare me to death, but I couldn’t help myself!🌙

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  3. because we are Nature 🙂 beautiful pics :))

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