Au Revoir et Merci

As I stood there I took a step back into the past, Reminiscing. I thought back to the old me, the gone me the me I never want to see again, but will always be grateful that I met. Thank you for teaching me, for guiding me, for unconditionally loving me. Thank you self, from…


he took her to the Moon. he showed her the tangibility of his promises. he showed her the truth in his words. he showed her the importance of trust.   he took her to the Moon where the colors never dull and your breath is always stalled by the gasp of air you forget to take as…


“Every day has some night, but the beauty is knowing that the Moon shines just as bright as the Sun.” Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


…and today she stopped and stared, she’s admiring the cityscapes of her home. In that moment she admired the grandness and vastness of what the past ‘them’ and ‘they’ built. She decided not to take this moment for granted.   Humans have a tendency of stopping and accepting. Accepting pain, broken promises, heartache. Stopping right…


… and then the Sun came up. The light broke through the  skies horizon,  through the clouds, penetrated the night, the demons put to rest.  Daylight.    For so long she ran from the light, ran afraid of the unquestionable positivity and vulnerability that came with the warmth of each ray. She was afraid of…


 Six feet under the stars. Stars pouring into the sea,  blurred ethereal boundaries. Tonight she awoke. in the darkness of the spring starry sky she found peace in the world, in her soul. Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Therefore, I was free

I had been so preoccupied building walls to insulate myself that I  hadn’t taken the time to know myself.  So I picked myself up off my ass and started sitting. …and so I sat. As I sat I decided to come to terms with my fears I decided to unravel and unwrap the layers that…


 Each Sunset brings with it a sort unexplainable calm. Each color representing the palette of life, the shades of living. As I watch the Sunset I take a breath, each night as I watch the Sunset and Moon Rise I’m aware that its the purest breath I’ve taken that day.  Gabriela Tejada ❤   


…and she closed here eyes. She leaned her head outside the window and lived. She smiled, as she savored the sound of your laugh Aware of your hand on her thigh She closed her eyes and savored the now This blissful moment with you. Alive. Gabriela T ❤