A Supernova

An inner explosion only seen by her. Surrounded by the silence and darkness of the pain you left her with.   Surrounded by millions, held together by their own gravity. Their plasma making them unique, but in the end all the same. Bound together by helium and hydrogen, fused together by the generic views of the…

Books in My Makeshift Library

-Gabriela T Silence. Hush Hush, Iron King. Speak Forever, Everneath Iron Queen. My love Lies Bleeding. Sweet Evil, Dark Kiss, Venom Fallen. Eternal Crave, Passion. Star-Crossed, Dreamless Night, The Dark Side. Afterlife. Dark Song, Just Listen. Entwined, Torment, Strange Angels Illuminate Wicked, Fallen. As I lay dying, Die For Me. Love, Death, Boundless. The Storyteller….